Welcome to the decorative painting world!

Wyncote House is committed to producing the how-to books on the finest tole and decorative paintings. We provide the instructional materials from some of the highest profile artists in the decorative painting field, many of whom are living legends. For the first year of our productions, we have Mary Jo Leisure and Gretchen Cagle books. These books are painted in oil and instructions are written in both English and Japanese.

2013 New Edition

Painting Fantagia
Tsukie Kurokawa
Mayumi Ito
Masayo Kunioka

2012 Our new Edition

Dear Roses
by Masayo Kunioka, CDA

Our First Editions!

Moment of the Roses
by Mary Jo Leisure, MDA

Seasons of Glory
by Gretchen Cagle, CDA

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